We have right Team


SUPERBEST POWER founded Mr. Kamal Mohd Nor, a former school teacher. Education in the field of accounting and business experience over 25 years. Before he ventured into retail and wholesale of frozen products for the local market. Starting with distributing coffee to the restaurant only to increase revenue, now SUPERBEST POWER has a factory production capacity of 10 metric tons per day. SUPERBEST POWER has a professional management team consisting of various countries and are committed to implementing task to fulfil customer needs. Now Throughout the experience Mr. Kamal has led a GIGAEX exchange and as CEO has managed over 500 people. His corporate finance and strategy skills allow him to act as a trusted advisor to companies across a range of industries. 


With 20 Years’ experience in Advertising and Media, Mr. Faizul Building a strong online presence and personal brand across a number of social media channels. He Provides senior-level leadership and subject matter expertise on all aspects of social media to media properties throughout Nationwide. His task also developing strategies, identifying opportunities, and managing products and programs to enhance social media resources and increase revenue generation.


A energetic, talented and driven F&B manager with a real passion for delivering a first rate service to client and maintaining excellent relationships with them to encourage repeat business. With 10 years of experience Noor Asimah having a proven track record of running successful operations that nurture and grow the business, cut costs whilst at the same time maximising profits. Possessing the experience and initiative to further bolster a Factory reputation and commercial success.


As a highly skilled General Manager with 20 years track record of success in sales performance, Mr. Fisal Mohd Noon adept in sales coaching, team development, and revenue generation. His well-rounded skill set, including first-rate communication and multi-tasking abilities, he also Over seeing multi-million-dollar sales operations. Substantially growing customer bases through effective marketing. Developing sales associates into top performers. Resolving customer service issues promptly to maximize satisfaction.