BigCash is future payment    network

To get millions to join, we are giving away our future currency

Estimated future value


USD $179


Lets make it happen



Just sign up and your BGC are reserved.


All you need to provide is your name and email address.


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An All-in-one Crypto Experience

  • A Universal Wallet
  • Built-in Decentralized Exchange
  • Quick & Easy Registration
  • Superior User Experience
  • User-friendly Security Focus
  • Numerous Advanced Features


What You Get

App Based Wallet K-Pay

User keep control over crypto funds

Avoids web-based exchange & wallet pitfalls.

Support all major cryptocurrencies

User friendly

Integrated Payment Network

Buy products, services though the BGC on Gooo2o

Get 100% Cash Back
Referral bonus through 100Naga

Integrated with

Decentralized Exchange

Buy and Sell Crypto with FIAT

Aggregate multiple types of exchanges

Verify ID once to trade everything, everywhere

Partner Network